The Gunsmith's Wife / What Can a Gunsmith Do For You?

By Caitlin Covey
Monday, September 25, 2017

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The buck of your dreams snorts in the early mist. Suddenly the itch on your nose escapes your attention and you forget which muscle was aching. Adrenaline pumps your heart, but you quiet it long enough to carefully place your cross-hairs over the vital area. The crack of your rifle echoes through the ravine. When you look, your dream has vanished into the forest overgrowth with no signs of injury.

After investing in a hunting trip, no one wants to come home with this tale of woe. The reasons for such a scenario are plenty. Before you bend Ol’ Betsy over your knee, or try to fix the problem yourself, call your gunsmith. He can safely inspect your firearm for ammunition or technical malfunctions and usually get you back out to your favorite hunting spot in very little time. When it comes time to fill your freezer or pursue a trophy, the last thing you want to worry about is whether your gun shoots where you aim.

On the range, in the home, or out in public, you don’t have time to think twice about the reliability of your firearm. Your life may depend on it. A gunsmith stays informed about trending difficulties of particular makes and models. He can advise you about changes or complete transformations that will ensure a working gun at critical moments.

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