Pricing and Services

Our price list includes some of our most common services and is not an exhaustive list. If there is something you want done that we have not included here, please contact us.  All listed prices are average prices. Some firearms require more time to complete a given service and cost more. Excessively dirty guns will be charged a $35 cleaning fee, or you may opt for a Detailed Cleaning. We reserve the right to change prices at any time. This price list is effective as of 01/01/2017.

General Services  
 Service Charge Per Hour$80
 Minimum Charge Per Gun$45
 FFL Transfer Fee—the lowest in East Texas$20
 Detailed Cleaning$85
Rifle Accurizing Package $425
Rifle BuildsCall or stop by for a quote. 
Bluing—Done Right  Price may vary due to the condition of the gun which is not always apparent on the surface. We will call if we find excessive wear on the metal to advise you of the labor and cost. This price includes a disassembly/reassembly fee.
 Basic FinishStarting at $280
 Deluxe FinishStarting at $350
 Gloss/Showroom FinishStarting at $400
 BelgianStarting at $225
 Slow RustStarting at $225
Although no longer offer CeraKote (except when needed for small pieces on refurbished projects), we are happy to provide references.
General Firearm Work  
 Function Test Fire Firearm$25
 Check Firing Pin Protrusion$10
 Remove Fired Case From ChamberHourly Rate
 Remove Live Round From Chamber$20 + Hourly Rate
 Remove Obstruction From BoreHourly Rate
 Remove Fouling And/Or Leading From BarrelMaterials + Hourly Rate
 Straiten Barrel$80
 Trigger Job (Adjustable Trigger)$75
 Trigger Job$120
Shotgun Work  
 Gun FittingCall for Consultation
 Polish Chamber$60
Handgun Work  
 Revolver Action Job$85
 Rebarrel RevolverNew Barrel + $60
 Requalify Revolver Barrel/Cylinder Gap$60
 Throat, Polish Barrel/Cylinder Gap$30
 Fit New Trigger to 1911 AutoNew Trigger + $60
 Fit Custom Hammer to 1911New Hammer + $60
 Fit Beavertail SafetyNew Safety + $75
Stock Work  
 Standard Finish$200
 Deluxe Finish$300
 Grind-to-fit Recoil PadMaterials + $65
 Install Adjustable Butt PlateMaterials + $200
 Install Recoil ReducerMaterials + $65
 Fit, Bed, and Finish Fiberglass Stock$220

Payment is due upon completion. We accept cash and checks. Due to new regulations that affect FFL holders, we are not able to process credit cards at this time. We order all parts with Standard Shipping on Mondays. If you need something sooner, 2-Day Shipping starts at $30 in addition to our rush fee which starts at $50.