I’ve known Mark Covey for his entire life; watched him grow into a man of deep convictions and integrity; watched his skills develop, particularly working with his hands, in several fields of endeavor-all always built around serving others. That’s why it was easy to entrust to him a .22 caliber rifle that was a family heirloom. It was my wife’s father’s and had somehow after his death been placed by a sibling, without care, in an attic. When we got it, the stock was dried out and scratched and the barrel had rust on it. I hoped it could be restored so that I could pass it on to our son who is named for his maternal grandfather. Mark picked the gun up and not long after returned a beautifully restored gun that I couldn’t have had more pride in passing on to my son. I now have another shotgun that was my grandfather’s that I hope to have Mark work on in the near future.

Dr. Michael Dodson, Oklahoma City, OK

I took a shotgun that belonged to my husband’s father to Mark to have it restored for his birthday. It was an LC Smith double barrel. The only thing I had to start with were the two barrels and a baggy full of parts. Some of the [obsolete] parts had to be made by hand, but it is now a fully restored, working shotgun. I couldn’t be more pleased with his work.

Neva Storms, Rye, CO